Selene Brennan - Self Love Coach & Mindfulness Teacher

When I pause and reflect on the person I once was…

What I see is a beautiful and warm-hearted soul who longed to live a life with meaning and purpose.

About Me

For too many years I could not accept the person I was. The ongoing need for other people’s approval was exhausting. I never realised that back then. It to me was ‘normal’ living. There was a limitation for where I could go. A limitation on *letting* myself go there. It is only now that when I look back at who I was then I can clearly see what it was that held me firmly within my limitations. It was my own lack of worth. It in no way existed.

My name is Selene and I am a recovering perfectionist, self-critic and fulltime doubter! It took me many years to see past my old way of thinking. It wasn’t until I became both aware and curious later into my fitness career that I started to notice how a person’s mindset had the power to stop them from reaching their physical goals. When the mind secretly struggles it has the potential to overlap into many other areas of our lives.

Understanding this became the true catalyst for the work that I do today. Allowing myself the time to explore who I was as a person and what it was that held me back for all those years has been nothing short of a true revelation. Today I stand proud as the person I am. I carry with me a tremendous amount of love and understanding for the journey that I have travelled on up to this present moment. This new way to life has become my very meaning. The very reason behind why I do the work I do today.


I completed my coaching training with the Irish Lifecoach Institute in 2018. In 2020, I began my Mindfulness teacher training with the Irish Mindfulness Academy and in 2021 I qualified as a Mindfulness teacher. Before my coaching career I worked for fifteen years in the fitness industry.


The services I offer are:

  • 1-to-1 coaching
  • Group coaching programmes
  • Mindfulness workshops and courses
  • Wellbeing workshops

What is Coaching?

Coaching can mean different things to different people. For some, their reason for investing in a Life Coach is for accountability reasons and for others it goes much deeper than that. For me, as a coach, I work in one specific area of life coaching and that is within the area of our own SELF. Self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-belief.

I help people to recognise the limited beliefs, blockages and habits that they have built up over the years that may be holding them back in life. Together we work to confront these blockages so that they can be released and no longer needed in life. As your coach I don’t in any way give you advice or try to guide you in any particular direction during a session. The most powerful moments of a session come from the awareness you gain in that moment through the words you voice yourself.

I truly believe that when we invest our time and energy into releasing unwanted beliefs, we can witness an immense amount of freedom that may never have been felt before. And in return, we feel a tremendous sense of joy for who we are.

I haven’t looked back since. A simple chat changed my outlook completely. Selene’s positivity is contagious. She’s a ray of sunshine.
Selene is a gift. Her passion is contagious. Her learning skills are magical. She got me.
Selene’s warm nature and undeniable positive attitude just put me at ease from the very beginning.
Selene’s gentle and kind way of getting me to dig deep and find the tools inside myself have helped me move forward. Somehow, she manages to remove blockages I didn’t even know were there. Meeting Selene has been a true-life changing experience.

The Tuned In Podcast

My initial reasons for wanting to start a podcast was to give me the opportunity to speak to a larger audience about all things personal development related. I wanted to build a community platform where I could voice about my own personal life experiences and in return inspire people to grow within their own lives.

The Tuned In Podcast has been one of my greatest achievements to date and I truly hope that when you listen to this podcast you come away with new knowledge so that you can implement it within your life.

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